Beginner – Introduction Class
This class is for all our new swimmers that have not be introduced to the water or any type of formal swimming lessons. Swimmers in this class will be introduced to the water and gain confidence to move to our Level 1 class. If your child may be anxious or this is the first time they are enrolling in any type of group class setting this class is for them. Our goal is to advance to our Level 1 class during the session and help them to enjoy the pool and the overall experience in the water. 

Just Swim Level 1
This class is for beginners. We will introduce the basic skills necessary for swimming. We work on submersions, opening eyes underwater, breath control, kicking, beginning back floats, and gaining over all independence in the water. This class is for achieving over all comfort in the water.

Just Swim Level 2
Students starting in this class must be comfortable underwater and able to independently kick a distance of 3- 5 feet. This class is for swimmers that have not yet acquired the skill of rolling over to get a breath. We work on back floating and developing the skill of rollover breathing. This group works on gaining independence in the water and increasing their distance.

Just Swim Level 3
Students starting in this level are able to swim unassisted and rollover to their back. These students are comfortable floating on their back. We work on big Arms, and introduce backstroke. We will continue to work on increasing distance and confidence in the water.


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