Summer Sessions

This Summer we are offering 2 Sessions. Summer A- 6 Weeks from June 6 thru July IF18th.  Summer B will be a 5 week session and starts July 20th and swims thru August 22nd . This will allow our families that take Summer vacations to have options for Summer Lessons. And of course you can swim all Summer long and enroll in both Sessions. Remember with more pools open for Summer,  follow the Safer3. . Safer Kids, Safer Response and Safer Water. Safer Water means identifying where the risks are with any body of water (bathtubs, pools, spas, lakes, rivers or oceans) and learning how to reduce those risks. For example installing barriers such as isolation fencing around a backyard pool would reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the pool by young children.  

Safer Kids covers the behaviors necessary for both kids and parents to promote water safety. These water safety tips include constant responsible supervision by adults, along with swimming skills attained through ongoing qualified instruction for kids.  

Safer Response overviews emergency response techniques and emergency action plans as a path to water safety. Learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid, as well as having a phone by the pool at all times, are just a few of the water safety tips covered here.

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